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Parent Teacher Committee


Parental Involvement

PTC – Parent Teacher Committee

Rising Up to Enrich the B.F. Kitchen Experience for Students and Their Families.

Parent involvement is important to us! Parents can be involved in their child’s education in many ways. We invite you to join us by volunteering your time, supporting PTC programs and activities, and by attending our events with your students. We would be thrilled to have your creativity, suggestions, and assistance. Allow us the opportunity to match your talents and interests to PTC so that together we can help make B.F. Kitchen a great school for all of our children.

A parent organization or committee is active in each elementary school. Committees are made up of parents like you, grandparents, caring individuals, teachers, and the school principal. Committee names differ from school to school. They may be called PTA, PTO, PTC, Parent Council, Parent Advisory Committee, ect. The parent organization for B.F. Kitchen is known as the Parent – Teacher Committee. PTC was formed to help organize events that might improve the quality of our school and to support the activities that are not covered by district dollars.

All parents are invited to become involved.

PTC Activities and Funds

Raising funds is an important role of the committee: however fundraising is not its sole purpose. The PTC is involved in many activities that do not require fundraising, just fun-loving individuals to share ideas and work together to get a job done. The PTC will organize two major school fundraisers per year to fund the projects we engage in: one occurs in the Fall and the other in the Spring.

PTC Adds Value to BFK

The PTC supports and supplements a variety of events and celebrations that occur in and out of the classroom including:

The Tiger Trample (Fit-A-Thon)

Field Trips

The Student Directory

The School Yearbook

100 Day Celebration (for K and 1st Grades)

5th Grade Tribute   Computer Lab Software

Library Subscriptions

Special Purchases for the School

Staff Appreciation

Some Assemblies

Please Join Us!

Parents, grandparents, and individuals can volunteer a set amount of time or help with one-time opportunities at anytime of year.

Please contact B.F. Kitchen if you are interested in volunteering at 970-613-5500.

SAAC – Strategic Accountability Advisory Committee

SAAC is a committee of parents, teachers, community members, and the principal that have the responsibility of reviewing our school-wide plan. This committee reviews plans, offers suggestions and input for data collected from structured testing (CSAP, Acuity, ect.). SAAC meets 6 – 7 times each school year to review testing results, the school-wide plan, progress towards performance goals, funding, response to intervention, PBS, Health & Wellness and parent involvement. SAAC is a great way to stay connected with B. F. Kitchen and can help our students to reach their full potential.